Building Enclosure Consulting, LLC is a consulting and diagnostic company devoted to building façades, also called building envelopes, building enclosures, or simply building skins: the shell separating interior from exterior.

We are independent from manufacturers and suppliers and therefore we serve only one master: YOU.

SERVICES. We provide diagnostic services in the field and with computer simulations. Based on facts gathered from diagnostics, we can provide consulting services, and/or forensic services. We help in identifying phenomena responsible for symptoms related to moisture and glazing, by providing expertise and diagnostic  tools.  We help in evaluation of casualty & property damage. We collect data in the field, conducts field observations, performs quality tests, causation and condition assessments, performs simulations of failures, and recommends remediation procedures and materials. We also contribute our knowledge and experience to solve disputes among parties in the construction process and serve as an expert witness.  Here is the list of our services.

TOOLS.  We own state-of-the-art specialized equipment and software used for building enclosure investigations and testing.

Access to exterior walls and roofs requires work at heights. Therefore, we also own our own access equipment, such as an aerial platform, an excavator, and a boatswain chair. We were the first in America to use a drone for facade inspection.


If the roof doesn’t leak, the architect has not been creative enough said a very famous architect a century ago, and since then every new generation of architects ambitiously reached for new heights of creativity. Meanwhile, construction technology grew more complex, due to increased performance requirements.  It was a scenario for a perfect storm, which is why you may be reading these words now, looking for help.

Typical symptoms include musty air, rain leaks, condensation, corrosion, microbial growth, and detachment of facade components.

Many symptoms, for example, such as dark microbial spots on air conditioning grills, excessive insect infestation, drafts, dimensional changes of mill-work, and unusual energy bills  go unnoticed for years.

Others, such as experiencing asthma, bulging and rotten flooring, or water dripping from a ceiling may receive more rapid attention.

LOCATION. We currently serve the eastern half of the U.S. and the Caribbean Archipelago.  Our equipment and airplane are based near Miami, FL, and therefore those services that require application of large and awkward tools and materials normally banned on commercial airlines are economically and readily available within an approximately 600 miles radius from there.

WHO.  The company is run by Karol Kazmierczak (Kaz).  More about Kaz.  Diplomas, etc.