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Mr. Kaźmierczak has an enormous appetite for acronyms that would stretch the alphabet soup behind his name. Here are some relevant diplomas, certificates, and licenses scanned from the wall of ego in his office.


History of the Gdańsk University of Technology

The university was founded in 1904 as Königliche Technische Hochschule zu Danzig, at which time Gdansk, then known as Danzig, was part of the German Empire. The history of Gdansk is complex and the city itself belonged, at different times, to Germany, Poland and was a "free city". The names of the city's educational institutions were affected by the changes in the city status. The university was known by different names: 1918-1921 - Technische Hochschule in Danzig; 1921–1939 - Technische Hochschule der Freien Stadt Danzig; 1939–1941 – Technische Hochschule Danzig; and 1941–1945 – Reichshochschule Danzig. In the late 1930s, Polish students were subject to discrimination by German teachers, many of whom had previously joined the NSDAP Nazi Party. Following the outbreak of World War II, Polish students were expelled from the university. Towards the end of the war, the university was turned into a German army hospital. When Soviet Red Army captured the university/hospital, Russian soldiers shot dead some of the Germans and then closed all exits to the main building and burned alive the remaining wounded German soldiers. The Russians arranged stables and barracks in other buildings. In 1945, all Germans were expelled from the city of Gdansk and the burned ruins were turned into a Polish university (24.05.1945). In light of tragic history of the university under Nazi rule, today's Polish university officially does not continue traditions of pre-war schools and its official history starts in 1945.













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