Head Office of Bank
Warsaw, Poland - str.

Technical facade's design - 2001-2002.
Architectural design by JEMS Architects.
Facade design and consultation Technical Bureau Tuscher.
Estimated cost of facade $4.7M
Gross area 61,000 m2+ 21,000 m2underground. Height 60m.
(Equivalent of 656,600 ft2+ 226,000 ft2underground. Height 197 ft)

This building is the second largest building with a "twin face" facade ever built in Poland. The design team profited from the experience gained on the first one. South facade and part of north facade covered with second skin of glass, slung on the stainless-steel consoles. Windows made of custom designed high-performance thermally improved aluminium profiles and insulated glass. Curtain walls made of aluminium profiles with thermal isolator and the strengthening steel inserts, facilitating extra-long spans. Ventilation of second skin is alternating in staggered courses and featured with mechanical operation for improved heat extraction. Materials : stone - granite veneer, sheet aluminum wall cladding, and safety glazing. Large area of solid masonry walls blanked with aluminum louvres to achieve light appearance. Maintenance of facade of the tower is realized by two independent roof carriages (there are two different levels of the roof of higher tower) with one shared swinging stage.



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